Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Work In Progress

I had a bad day today. Absolutely frustrating when I had two of my best workouts recently, a ½ Marathon tempo at 6:12 pace two weeks ago and then a 10-mile tempo last week at 6:04 pace. You can plan everything so well and some how even when you are at your fittest you fall to pieces. Or at least that’s what happened for me. And it wasn’t just today, but it seems it has been a frequent pattern over the past two years. Of course this is me over thinking. I pulled out running logs to find clues, give answers, but it was just one shitty ass day amongst weeks, months, and years of good runs.

I could have pulled out of Napa at mile 6 today when I felt really shitty from miles 3-6, but I held on. Maybe it was just a rough patch. Took a GU, some deep breaths, focused on the views. The next 7 or 8 miles were perfect and then bam back to crap. Unfortunately at mile 20 when I decided I had already exceeded my limit, I had no one in sight to save me. So, I jogged and walked for another 3+ where my Mark, Sam, and Will comforted my tears. I seriously didn’t want to cry. I had accepted for 23+ miles that it just wasn’t my day. Something was off and I just needed to let it go. But never an easy thing to do in any sport, or any aspect of life for that matter.

There are some things that I realized today. First, they need to make pockets in more sports bras for GUs. Two, I don’t think I should ever run a race right before my period. My running log has made note that all my worst races/workouts take place in this time frame. Sometimes it stinks being a woman. Three, I need to have more fun. I used to run just on pure feel, no specific workouts, and lots of time on the trails. In 2009 there is a slew of photos of me running with a smile, now I just look pissed. I’m not usually by the way, but still. I didn’t make a running log until 2011. I didn’t pay attention to splits. It was all about effort, exploration, and talking with friends on long runs. I haven’t jumped in a mud puddle in a long ass time (well the lack of rain could have something to do with that!).

So anyway, I always tend to blog about bad days, but isn’t that like most things in life. The good stuff just doesn’t always have as much story or feeling to it. Or something like that.

Long story short, I am still trying to figure things out…. Aren’t we all?


Anonymous said...

Wow - I wish I had your problems!

Aprille Alexander said...

You are amazing and all the runners in my house are pretty impresssed with your abilities. A couple of us ran the Bay Breeze 10K and that is when we first saw you run. We love the honesty of your blog and are rooting for you.

The Try Hard Team from Napa

willgotthardt said...
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Anita Junttila said...

Just found your blog while googling running stuff . . I want to give you a high five . I was at Napa this past March I ran my first marathon. It was amazing! Im sorry the race didn't go well for you. I agree with you bras need pockets for food! Great blog. Keep writing !