Saturday, May 23, 2009


Some weeks are just not your week. As I've said before, it is like torture for me to take days off from running. Obviously with my foot, I had to rest. Tuesday and Wednesday I rested and my foot was feeling great, so Thursday I road my bike up to the trails, ran a great 8 mile out and back. When I was heading back down the hill on my bike, I swerved away from a car that driving to fucking close. I thought I caught my balance and then the next second, I am splayed out on the road. I fell hard. Surprisingly only bruised and scraped up my left patella and got a sore left pinky finger. It hurt, but I didn't cry. I just got back on my bike and road home with my knee bleeding like crazy . I walked to work that night deciding I needed a break from my bike. Friday the plan was to do a 25k out on Diablo with Will. I woke-up feeling sick, but tried to claim it was just allergies. And, I had body aches like crazy, not sure if it was from my fall and/or potentially being sick. Either way, I was like fuck it were running Mt. Diablo. It all started great and then about 3 miles in, I felt like shit. I was shaking, nauseous, and dizzy. And, every single time I tried to run, my body said, "nope, we're walking today honey." We got a lovely 5 mile hike in for the remainder. I was sad, upset, and just irritated by the fact that I so badly wanted to run. Obviously my body has been giving me signals to just rest, but of course, I worry about loosing fitness, deeply miss having my daily routine, and just plain crave running. Well, after my wonderful bonk at Diablo, Will and I went to grab some food and then I iced my knee, which was lovely and swollen. As it started to cool off outside, I asked Will if he wanted to go to the track. I'm telling you, I had to run. I haven't been to the track in probably a year, possibly more, but speed sounded fun. We did a nice warm-up mile and then I did three fast miles (5:49, 5:49, and 5:47). I was in disbelief, they were consistently fast... yay! Shit the last time I did a track workout I think my mile repeats were like 6:30's. I had regained some confidence that my week with rest had not made me slower and I was just super happy. I finished each of those miles feeling good and strong. So maybe it was my week after all, a little rest can go a long ways, and I should be back out on the trails today.


Jordan (Diane for you pre-2003 folks) said...

Caitlin... I will email you my thoughts privately, but I want to say that you have a courageous heart and are a beutiful person. Glad you are working on listening to your body... fitness is meant to make you feel good, if you don't feel good, that's not fitness.

willgotthardt said...
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David Ray said...

Tough not being able to run like you want to. Good, fast miles though. Heal fast, Caitlin.

Devon said...

That is awesome that you were able to throw down those kind of mile splits after feeling like crap. It has been that kinda week, glad it turned around.

You rock!

Luis Velasquez said...

It is a new week.. right?
Remember, most of us run because it is fun, keep it that way. :)

I am still in disbelief how fast you can run.. :)