Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodbye Coffee, Hello Turkey

I've officially said goodbye to coffee (for now). In all honesty, I stopped craving it. I used to love the taste, but the last couple times I got my cafe o'lait, it tasted like shit. In fact I couldn't even finish it. So it is back to chai for a little caffeine high. I am sure eventually, I'll crave it again, but so far I am enjoying the vacation. I've been sleeping more, 8-10 hours a night and even enjoying naps throughout the day. Sleep is the best. I love to sleep. It is dangerous when I lay down because usually within seconds, I am knocked out. And then dreaming seconds later. But, this is not a new trend. Caffeine or not, I am a sleeper and a dreamer.

Ok so I've got coffee off the intake list, but I have a new item hopping on (for today). I've been vegetarian for close to 7 years. I was vegan for about 2 and then I added yogurt and milk back in a few months ago. Not a lover of cheese, so that has not returned to my diet. But since Miwok I've been craving a turkey sandwich. Not fish. Not a burger. But a turkey sandwich. So today, I ate one. I decided I shouldn't be dogmatic in things that relate to my body. Ironically this is the first time in 7 years where I have craved meat. And I've been craving it on and off for the past month. In the past it was not even a thought. Not sure I will keep meat as part of my diet as it does interfere with beliefs I have. I am just taking one day at a time. If I crave coffee, I'll have it. If I crave turkey, I'll have it. Just going to keep listening to my body. It has never mislead me so far.

Ohlone is this weekend. I've been going back and forth about it as my climbing legs still seem to be in recovery since Miwok. But toe is good, knee is about healed, and I think I am over my cold. So fuck it (unless my body tells me differently come Sunday), time to throw on the running shoes and have some fun out on those hills!!!


Buzz said...

Great reading.

I read Thoreau in college, and minutes later I was vegetarian, which continued for 24 years. Never looked back. Then one year I cranked up the races to 100 milers, and meat appeared on the plate. It wasn't the protein I needed - as a soyfood lover I got plenty of that - it was the blood, the yang, the kill.

I'm doing no races this year, and meat has mostly disappeared. Two brothers from our town go up to Alaska and fish for Salmon every summer, flash freeze it, and sell it door to door ... I bought 12 lbs and that covered me for 6 months.

Worthy things to think about.

Jordan (Diane for you pre-2003 folks) said...

Yup, for me it was ham sandwich cravings while training for Mt. Tam marathon. Like you said, no guilt, just do what your body asks :-)
I will be rejoining the no-coffee kick soon (again).

Have fun on Sunday!

Rick Gaston said...

I didn't start drinking coffee until college but now I feel like I can't live without it. Hope to see you at Ohlone. Nice pictures by the way.

Devon said...

Atta girl! Congrats on the turkey sandwich choice, giving up the coffee and oh, the course record at Ohlone today!

I am there with you, my ebbs and flows of wanting coffee and not. I am currently moving towards not again. I think ultimately it is just about listening to your body. Good on you for listening and obeying what it wants.

I already told you my turkey story :).

robert.blair said...


Sounds like a very healthy attitude and approach to whether or not you will drink coffee again or continue or not to eat turkey.

Excellent self acceptance.

I just found your blog and it seems great. I will have a chance to read more another time. Good luck in all your races.