Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ganesha, Obstacles, and Opportunities

Two days until Miwok, two months of ultrarunning, and years of preparation for this day. It is Thursday, the last day of April. I woke-up early this morning and biked to the pool. It was my favorite workout, the fifteen minute swim. My swim teacher is one of the best people ever because she kicks my ass and she also has the best sense of humor. I felt fortunate that she had me take it easy on my legs this week (she never usually lets me do anything easy). Cracked me up when Monday she walked over to my lane and whispered that I didn't need to do the 200 kick, I could just do a 100. Anyway, after swimming I headed over to the yoga studio, stopping to get a tea and a scone. Got to the studio an hour before my class. I thought I would practice some yoga, but instead I rolled out my mat, took an eye pillow, and laid there for 20+ minutes, visualizing Saturday's course. For the remaining 30 minutes, I took out a bolster curled up and almost fell asleep. I only had one student this morning and it was one of my first yoga teachers in Oakland. I began class as I always do, chanting, Om gam ganapataye namaha!. It is a chant to Ganesha, the deity in the picture above, known for removing obstacles. Pretty sure I am going to put an image of Ganesha on my water bottle for Miwok. At the very least, I'm sure I will have plenty of time to repeat his mantra over and over in my head. Deities, lucky thongs, what next?? I'll keep you posted.

My number, 326, and La Sportiva gear are already laying out on my kitchen table. I'm excited, nervous, and just plain want to run. It is like torture for me to take days off from running. Looking forward to the potential of rain on Saturday. Running in the rain is my absolute favorite. My close friends, Jordan Trew and Will Gotthardt, will be supporting me throughout the race. Plus I'll have several previous doula clients motivating and inspiring me. Seeing the physical demands of labor and the power of the female body has allowed me to believe in my own body, appreciate it, and trust it. I've also seen how one's mental state can make or break the experience. The last birth I was at was long, 30+ hours, and she pushed for well over 4 hours. There were moments of fear and doubt, but seeing how positivity carried her through it was remarkable. I'll be thinking about her a lot. Ok, I just smiled. I am really happy. Happy to be able to run, practice yoga, see life come into the world, and get glimpses of how these things are all connected.

I leave you with my favorite line of an email from Buzz Burrell, ... heck, nothing to do but go up there, start running, see what happens, right?


Luis Velasquez said...

Isn't life amazing? I love it.. We are so blessed.. Good luck on Saturday.. I'll see you there. yay!!

Nathan said...

Best of luck this weekend. Hope you get the rain; those trails are awesome in the rain. I'll be floating around Tennessee Valley cheering you on. Remember to breath, and know you are experiencing something amazing.

Devon said...

Have a fantastic run out there! We are so truly blessed. I will be cheering you on out there (yes in knee socks!). Have so much fun!

pantilat said...

Good luck Caitlin!

Sarah (PCTR) said...

Good luck and have a blast out there, Caitlin! I'll be thinking of you and picturing you smiling your way around the course!

Looking forward to hearing all about it!!


Barbara said...

you go girl......kisses and hugs....love you

coachmarcia said...

I am proud to be known as your ass-kicking coach!