Thursday, August 7, 2014

Feed the Beast

It’s been four years since I last participated at Transrockies. That was 2010, the year I had to drop after two stages because of pain in my hip, which I later discovered was a stress fracture. That was an emotional and painful experience and I learned the hard way that I shouldn’t show up to a race unless I feel emotionally and physically 100%.

There was lots of blaming of the cause, too many miles, too many mountains, too much speedwork, but ultimately it was likely too much pressure on myself. It took me awhile to rebound from that injury and get to the point where I wanted to return to the race. I’ve spent the last two weekends exploring trails in Tahoe. The mountains make me feel alive and connected in a way that I never feel on the roads. Maybe it’s the thinner air or the epic views, but I just lose myself in them. I might be gasping for more air and running much slower, but it’s humbling and exhilarating. I am excited to partake in the 2014 Transrockies race with my coach and training partner Magdalena Lewy-Boulet.

A few months ago I was watching the Stanford track meet with friends and we overheard Lauren Fleshman giving someone advice about running. She was explaining that you should work on your weakness, but make sure to “feed the beast.” I know that I’ll never be a fast 5k runner and I have come to terms that it takes me a good 3 miles to warm-up into a run. Hills, mountains, and long days out on the trails feed the beast in me. This next week in Colorado will be perfect and I get to share the experience with someone who inspires me with every run, workout, and conversation over coffee. Magda and I will take on some long days in the Rockies and breathe in the mountain air. We’ll keep you updated on our adventures.

And I am happy to say I have had no leg issues in the past month. That iron has become a new bestfriend.

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willgotthardt said...

Iron sharpens iron. And that is about as religious as I get.