Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steep Climbs

I’ve had three races since my last blog entry, but I have had a heck of a time writing anything. I’ll partly blame life as I started teaching at a sports rehab place in downtown Oakland (as well as still teaching at three other studios, coaching, and being at an occasional birth). I absolutely love being part of Inner-Action Sports Rehab. Both Rudy Gutierrez and Megan Brooks are phenomenal at what they do. I recommend them very highly if you’re ever in need of bodywork, dealing with nagging injuries, unable to run, etc. They are incredible practitioners and the reason I’ve been running so strong and healthy for the past two years.

Even in the midst of more work, I have been running well. I’m sure loving what I do has a great deal to do with that --- the body just absolutely amazes me. A client recently asked me what I was currently reading and my reply, an anatomy book. Ha, not the typical response for a fun read, but I enjoy it.

So back to running, I’ve had three races in the past month +. I ran the Trail Quake half-marathon in Saratoga (6.16), The Double Dipsea (6.23), and the La Sportiva Table Rock 25k (7.22). Not really sure how, but Sam convinced me that I should once again climb out of Stinson Beach and run some of the Dipsea trail today. Ultimately I am glad he did. It was a beautiful nice long run. The first climb was a bit rough, but I am sure running a tempo yesterday probably had a little something to do with that.

All these races had some things common:

One, they all started with one steep ass climb. And here’s what I learned, walk. Simply walk, let people pass, and stay relaxed. This made all these races so much fun because as soon as I was to the top of the nasty climbs, I could run and catch people. Well unless people were taking shortcuts like during the Double Dipsea. During that race I believe I passed the same person like four or five times. That is one nutty race, but worth the experience. Nothing like descending 700+ stairs --- I truly suck at running down stairs. I simply cannot. I did appreciate those on the sidelines encouraging a sideways run as a pointer. I’ll work on it.

Two, I got wins at these races, of which I am incredibly grateful. I’ve been changing up the training a bit. Doing more speed, tempo, and roads although I’m still keeping my staple of long trail runs too. It’s just finding that right balance and keeping it all fun. And, it’s all been really fun except those aches that Rudy and Megan help clear up! As long as I’m running and moving I’m one happy camper. One of my biggest pet peeves is standing on an escalator. Although it is moving me, I must walk. I cannot just stand. I’m working on this too. For the time being, I’ll just take the shavasana at the end of yoga or sleeping as my moments of being still.   

 Three, It is great living in the Bay Area as there are so many races to partake in. I highly recommend Brazen Racing events. They're fun and very well organized. I love that they have mile markers on the trails, great medals, and an awesome race series. I’ll be racing their Bad Bass half-marathon in Chabot next weekend. As mentioned above, do a Dipsea race at some point, whether it’s Dipsea, The Double Dipsea, or the Quad Dipsea. And a newer series in the Bay is Inside Trail Racing. They put on a great event out there today and did a very good job of marking the course! I would recommend any of their events as well!

Ok, back to my anatomy book!

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