Sunday, January 2, 2011

It has been quite a year. But, I have learned to adjust, adapt, and explore more than just my love of running. At the end of November, I was able to lace up my shoes and begin running again. It was harder, slower, and shorter than I expected especially with all my doubt. I feared that the stress fracture would return. It was difficult to differentiate between pain and soreness in the beginning days and weeks. Finally, I consider myself back to running. I am at half the mileage that I was in July, but I feel stronger, more aware, and happy. Just the other day I went for a run in the Uwharrie National Park in North Carolina. It was a single track trail, but not exactly ideal running. It was rocky and the tree roots were covered by masses of leaves. With every step I risked spraining an ankle. I probably crossed the same creek ten times. Yet, I was smiling ear to ear. It was fun. I felt like a little kid again tromping through the leaves. Maybe that's what months away from running provides, presence; learning not to look back, seeing where I'm heading, and knowing that there will be unexpected rocks and twigs. Creativity has been essential. I am back painting. Learning to lose control with the paintbrush and just have fun. Every single time I end up painting, it ends up some shade of red. I am trying to branch out on my color scheme. You'd think exploring a new color would be easy after being injured, as it taught me a great deal about vulnerability, control, and inquiry. I am incredibly grateful for those that inspired me to be creative and trust that I would heal and be stronger for it. I have no idea what to expect in 2011. Possibly some yellow paintings. Maybe a chance at the Olympic Marathon Trials. Hopefully more smiles and tromping through leaves and mud. In the end, I'm excited about it, however it unfolds.


Buzz said...

Happy New Year

willgotthardt said...

Yes definitely yellow, and maybe blue(ish)!

Super glad you're back, lessons learned, stronger moving forward in all aspects.

Agree with Buzz, a happy new year for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great start to a New Year!