Monday, June 14, 2010


I am getting close to another move. Since coming to California seven years ago, I have moved almost every year. The feeling of packing boxes and creating a new home has become a common experience. Ironically from birth until 18, I lived in the same house in Traverse City, Michigan. My parents are still there, on the hill and tucked into the woods. It makes perfect sense that my new place is in the hills surrounded by trees. I can't wait to swing in a hammock outside listening to the birds and wind. I look forward to lacing up my shoes and running less than a mile to the trails. I've learned to adapt to various locations, loosing grounding and then regaining it, living amongst helicopters every night and bright street lights, having roommates and disagreements, struggling to pay rent, and knowing ultimately home is arbitrary. It isn't the house, but what we bring to it (and sometimes you discover all you have is yourself and a few boxes of books). The space is a sense of comfort and we can absorb the chaos of the world knowing that we can come home. As I get older I realize it is people and relationships that have inspired me to compose myself in this discordant world. Everyone from brief encounters to big conflicts has encouraged me to find home and inspiration even in moments of tears and pure frustration with life.
-Grandma for sharing tea and conversations (and for treating me to Golden Grahams as a kid - I know my mom wasn't a big fan, but I appreciated the treat).
-Mom for truly reminding me that my body is a gift and that it is the one thing I'll have my entire life.
-Dad for encouraging me to keep making art and following my dreams (and of course spicy chili too).
-Meghan for having me run up our driveway, teaching me to shave my legs, and showing me the beauty of childbirth (oh and doing Jane Fonda workout routines together in the living room).
-Bryan for chasing me around the house, playing nasty rap music with your kicker sound system, and for showing me how you can achieve big dreams with desire.
-Heather for that track meet our senior year and your pep talk about how I had fast twitch muscles too. Why the hell was I running a 400 meter... seriously?!
-Josh for our conversation on your trampoline... I did get into U of M and you convinced me to be less doubtful of myself (oh and thanks for referring to me as a "chick magnet")
-Jordan for saving me in the pouring rain, giving me a home for a week, and letting me win my first arm wrestling match.
-Will ah shit, so many thanks. I would never have thought I was even close to fast without you. You brought out the bobcat and several other traits!
-Sam for our conversations, helping me change my tire, telling me the best stories ever, and oh the cuddle parties and icing. And for reminding me that I have an extra gear... just for you I'll do my best to throw-up at the top of Mt. Washington Saturday. (And thanks for the bonus of letting me finish in front of you last weekend, probably the one and only time that will happen).
-Ann Post for telling me women don't peak in their running until their 30s and inspiring me to keep falling in love with running.
-Mr. Sprattmoran for encouraging me to write and for allowing us to make a paper mache buddha while learning about eastern religion.
-Dan for your knowledge of the human body.
-Ricardo for that ridiculously cute picture that had Emily and I laughing are asses off, for that meal that you promised to make me like 6 f'n years ago, and for accompanying me to the bubble tea place.
-Tim for reminding me that yoga/life is all about strength and flexibility and finding the balance between the two.
-Danielle for that super entertaining night at Kingman's and for all our great and entertaining conversations.
-Devon for teaching me how to haul ass downhill and sticking with me through all those ups and downs even on the Ohlone trail when you encouraged me that I was a little spark plug.
-Kate for being the best workshop partner ever! You are one of the warmest people I've met (honestly, you should never ever get a parking ticket... too frickin' sweet for that nonsense).
-Matt for teaching me how to blow up onions in the desert and inspiring my own photography.

And of course there are many more, but this would take me far too long and I do need to go for a run. But if we've crossed paths know that I am incredibly grateful and you are part of the reason that I will find my way back home.


willgotthardt said...

Great stuff Caitlin (really)...I appreciate your acknowledgments, wish you all the best with this next step forward.

Cheers, Will

Etan said...

I came to see who you are from your discontinued JPGmag pages... It seems you are kneading the real substances of life.

My India: Where every village is home - Experience !

Devon said...

I am glad we are friends :) Thanks for the nice words and for being a great motivator as a teammate, pacer, and friend! Rock on girl.

kate said...

Have a great Mt W race



trailturtle said...

Sent you positive energy today...I truly hope that you didn't "settle in comfort", found your rythum (I really liked that "rythum" post)and kicked (and hauled) butt on Mt. Washington. Let me know how your the HF's did, too. Best wishes for your move, Ann

trailturtle said...

Oh, BTW, I might be able to take in Sequoia in July...otherwise, Skyline in Oct is on the wish list...will you still be in the area? and...yeah, I know, it's supposed to be "rhythm"...goes along with my tendency to be unorthodox ;). Have a nice run, Ann

trailturtle said...
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