Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tilden Tough Ten, Mt.Washington, and Yoga!

This past weekend I ran the Tilden Tough Ten. I had my typical blah pre-week where I felt slow and broken. I got to the start and as soon as we took off my strong side reappeared. It was a great day to run, foggy, cool, and windy. (I wrote that and then just thought, when is not a good day to run?!) The weather allowed me to sport my arm sleeves for the first time. The course is on a paved rolling trail for about 8 miles, from mile 4-5 you drop down a dirt trail and then turn around and come right back up. The best part is the turn around was a guy standing with his bike saying, "turn around here." The climb from mile 5-6 is for sure tough. I ran a 1:05:46 (results) and I followed up with a nice 8ish mile cool down. See this is what starts happening when you start getting into ultras, a ten mile run starts to feel like a warm-up! Thanks Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders for a great race!

I've been at a loss for words lately, completely caught up in moments, thoughts, and happiness. Training for Mt. Washington has started and my plane ticket is booked, so no backing down now. Although, every time I watch a video of the race I start to think of the pain that I will feel climbing for 7.6 miles at an average grade of 11.5% and how my hip flexors will love me once I get to the top. So that's the next big race on the agenda. It scares me shitless and yet makes me smile too. I may be crawling but I am going to make it to the top, one shuffle at a time.

And The Yoga for Runners' Workshops are unfolding. Info will be posted on Facebook and our blog. Two workshops approaching, SF workshop June 12th 1-3 pm and Oakland workshop June 27th 1:30-3:30!

Alright more non-running thoughts to come when I am not caught up in smiling!


Drs. Cynthia and David said...

You are so scary fast! Good luck with Mt Washington. I will try to make it to your yoga class.


trailturtle said...

Hi Caitlin,
It's great to see you continue to perform well despite mental sluggishness and doubts leading to the start. I tried the email link from the blog unsuccessfully, so just wanted to let you know that I will be at BB Sunday and I will talk to you more there. Still hope to see a video sometime as we discussed given your chronic HF issues. See you Sunday! (at the start--unless I downgrade, you will be done WAY ahead of me!! :))
Happy running, Ann S.

Trail gal said...

Nice race! I'm excited to learn more about your upcoming Oakland yoga for runners workshop! I hope to be able to make it.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em at Mt Washington. You'll do fine.