Saturday, April 17, 2010

It has been an eventful week, well nothing spectacular actually, but simple and good. Let's see what is top of the news... I birthed a child in my dream on Thursday night, even woke-up with a sore low back. I have lots of dreams about childbirth, but this was the first time I actually delivered. I was pregnant with twins a few weeks earlier, but I guess I just ended up with one boy this round. Ok enough with dreams. Other exciting news... I am f'n addicted to raw milk. I spent two days searching for it as the one store that normally carries it was out. Anyway long story short, I got to enjoy some today after they restocked it. Weird, I don't really love milk, but raw milk, whole other story. Ummm what else... I ran, yes I ran... crazy huh? In fact two speed workouts this week and a race tomorrow. That's right, I am trying to be more systematic about what I do instead of just heading out on a run without a direction in mind. As much as I love this non-technical training regime, I think some focus is good. Oh and my yoga practice, I'm all jazzed about that. Before my peroneal tendonitis bout I was kind of out of habit, now I am back in the habit, it's great. And, in a month or so, I'll be offering a yoga workshop for runners along with a wonderful gal, Kate (so if you're interested let me know. We'll be offering it in San Fran and Oakland. Details to come. Other tidbits from this week, I enjoy having a car now and an iPhone, but it stinks when you get lost in traffic and your phone dies. Then you have to drive all the way home because you can't figure out where in the hell you're going. I don't recommend it. Ahhh, but yoga and naps are good after moments like that followed by art making and chai. So I am going to try to stick to writing a bit more here and there even when my weeks are rather simple. Skyline to Sea 50K tomorrow... yay!


Jordan (Diane for you pre-2003 folks) said...

These posts Caitlin, the ones that are about YOU as a whole person, and not just you as a runner (though of course that part of you IS spectacular)... are the posts I really like ;-)

Two cheers for art, yoga, chai, raw milk... and yes even cars and iphones!

Bryon Powell said...

I hope your Yoga for Runners workshop overlaps with one of my trips to the bay area!

Have fun at your race.

SamRobinson said...

I'm curious what raw milk is. Indulge an ignorant southern boy :)

By the way, thanks for recommending Ed. He's awesome!

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

My son is wild about raw milk too (gets it someplace in Santa Cruz). I'll have to try it.

Would be interested in the yoga for runners. Please let us know.

Good luck at STTS. We'll probably see you at the finish line.