Thursday, February 18, 2010


for those that know me, I can be kind of random especially when it comes to thoughts on life, advice, and so forth. I tend to collect what I've been told over the years and just mix it all together. Sometimes it makes sense, but most the time it doesn't although I can be rather convincing. So here are some random tips of advice (to be followed up by a soon to come video interview).

- Don't look at your watch, just run.
- Laugh
- Own a car, at least for grocery shopping
- Eat Eggs
- Dance, but if you don't know how, make sure you have a few drinks first
- Wear Smart Wool socks, they are f'n great!
- Eat Vitamin C with your iron intake
- Take apple cider vinegar before meals
- Lucky thongs are a must, but boy shorts are up there too
- Do backbends
- Laugh
- Eat meat
- Begin having conversations with your body. It might not listen, but it will humor others
- Be nice, not because you have to, but because being an ahole is so not attractive...
- Smile, but don't be phony about it because then you just look weird
- Don't run to escape, run to be present
- Rest (even though it sucks)... buy a TV, it makes it easier...
- Brush your teeth 'cause bad breath is so not attractive
- Drink coffee just because you like it... there are worse things in the world
- Drink beer just because you like it... there are worse things in the world
- Swim just 'cause it makes you feel out of shape even if you're in the best shape of your life
- Own a pair of crutches if you're a trail runner, chances are you'll need them
- Do headstands
- Do cartwheels
- Eat oranges
- Love your body
- Shoot guns, not people
- Buy an iPhone, it is the best boyfriend ever
- Be single at some point in your 20's, you'll learn a lot
- Own a pair of down booties, they are the best
- Go winter camping at some point just so you can appreciate warm Nalgene bottles at the bottom of your sleeping bag
- Realize when people say your snoring is "cute", they are in fact just being nice
- Sleep a lot, but wake-up early
- Complement people, but not just about their appearance
- Own microfleece sheets
- Hot tub
- Paint your toenails (even if you're a guy, it can be fun)
- Talk to strangers from time to time
- Be random and spontaneous from time to time
- Acupuncture is amazingly wonderful, try it!
- Try Trader Joes plantain chips occasionally, there pretty yummy
- Even take moderation in moderation (its ok to be extreme once an awhile)
- Buy a glittery limbo stick, you never know when you might need it
- Tap dance
- Speak in another language even if you don't know what your saying
- Be honest, but also don't share completely unnecessary things... really...
- Do things you love and try to love the things you do
- Pizza without cheese is so much better
- Don't own an umbrella... completely unnecessary... a rain jacket is ok
- Be consistent
- Make snow angels
- Own a lot of hoodies, they are the best piece of clothing ever (ok, along with socks and undies)
- Try to get the unstoppable giggles at least once a week... it's good for your health
- Don't worry about tomorrow or bills, they'll show up, today is what disappears
- If someone pisses you off, tell them
- If someone is awesome, tell them
- Cook for yourself and for others
- Eat with chop sticks sometimes
- Dry your laundry on a line, it saves energy and it's just fun
- Eat pickles and sauerkraut
- Be flexible, both mentally and physically

I am sure I'll have much more, but I don't want to put you all to sleep either...


trailmomma said...

Nice post. I agree with a lot of that. Had to chuckle at "Lucky thongs are a must, but boy shorts are up there too" . . . I take it you're not saying "the wedge" is up there too. :-) Love 'em both myself.
And boy have I learned the lesson of "rest" the hard way. Thanks for the reminders!!!

Bob - said...

Swim just 'cause it makes you feel out of shape even if you're in the best shape of your life.
haha no chitt

Good random thoughts!

GZ said...

Fun post Caitlin!

Best clothing ever might be the mitts my mother in law made me (along with hoodies ... and a good pair of boots).

Buzz said...

Really good!

My current thinking:

Lose, fail, cry.
Get it over with.
Short Track Speed Skating is idiotic, which is why it's so fun to watch.

SteveQ said...

I agree with all except the unnecessary sharing - that's what the internet was made for!

Now... off to find the results of the Pap smear of a complete stranger.

Scott Dunlap said...

Great stuff! Be sure to add:

Rest, because that's when your muscles really grow.

I always have to remind myself of that one.

Devon said...

I would swap Eat Butter instead of Eat eggs, but only because I am

I also think you should add eat Tartine sandwiches before races because they make you superpowered!

Good post lady! I enjoyed.

tri-sportsgirl said...

Love it! I still really don't know you, but everything I do know and the few times I've met you on the trails....all I can do is smile. Thanks so much for spreading the sunshine!

Brian said...

Nice post. And you're awesome :) I agree with most of it but I'm gonna need some convincing on the pizza with no cheese bit... that's like a cupcake without icing. And my iphone and I are better off being just friends.

Rick Gaston said...

You know what the problem is with this post? Too many good things to comment on and I am long winded enough as it is. So I will comment on just one even though I wanted to comment on 10.

"Begin having conversations with your body. It might not listen, but it will humor others".

I am my own best friend and enjoy conversations with my body/myself. Unfortunately I sometimes forget to keep it all in my head but I've laughed out loud because my body has a great sense of humor.
Once during the swim portion of a triathlon with my head in the water, losing all my air, blowing bubbles as I went.