Sunday, November 1, 2009


So first things first, those who were seeking more information on Germany can find an english version here. Here is what I know, I will be flying from SFO to Frankfurt on November 3rd. I'll be picked up from the airport and taken to Dortmund where I'll take part in a three day staged race. On November 6th, I will do my shortest race since high school, less than a 5k! Day 2, I've got 35k and climbing (ummm, yes I do think this will be my favorite day... yup pretty sure in fact). And day 3, a 20k followed by some good German beer, I assume.

Surprise, surprise, I am nervous, anxious, looking forward to enjoying what I love to do in a new place. I really have no clue what to expect. I don't really know many folks that will be there. Luminita Zaituc will be racing. And two people from Transrockies will be there as well. Either way an experience. Bring on the adventure, 11 hour flight, and my favorite, running!


Bob - said...

Bring on the adventure,
Amen !!!

Have a blast & run HARD & HardERRR !!

Best WIshes!

David Ray said...

Have a great trip! And nice article in Trail Runner. :)

Jordan (Diane for you pre-2003 folks) said...

Just remember that your jitters may feel a little more sinister since you may be tired from the time change. But I know that once you get going you will forget all that. You are going to have a GREAT run Caitlin (how could you not, its what you love!?). It takes courage to do something like this so give yourself some credit! Have fun :-)

Bryon Powell said...

Good luck, Caitlin. You've got all the tools to kick butt in Germany. I'm thinking back to your La Sportiva Mountain Cup weekend double in particular. Have fun, too!

running_marcus said...

God Job Caitlin!
I was on of the helping hands along the trail (at the Klusenberg-climb) This wood i ran through since i was a kid...and now it has been honoured by runners like Luminita and You competeing in the world-trailrun masters! I hope you enjoyed the run and like the german forests ;-)
Recover decently and go for it tomorrow,
Marcus from Herdecke GER