Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wrinkly Toes

The night after Ohlone, I'd been asleep for 30 minutes when I got a call from my client who was in labor. It was a long labor and complicated in several ways. But, I learned even more about being flexible and compassionate in those two days. Yes, I missed two nights of sleep, but seeing those tiny wrinkly toes just made me happy. There is nothing quite like seeing life coming into this world.


willgotthardt said...
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David Ray said...

I don't know which is more impressive. The kick-ass running skills, the photo skills, or helping bring new babies into the world skills.

And good interview with Atl. Trails Dave. Enjoyed that.

Jozsef said...

The one sentence about tiny wrinkly toes made everything so intensely real and so very joyous and moving. Thank you so much for the precious moment dear, & I love the photos too!