Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pirates Cove 50k

(pictures courtesy of Brett Rivers)

On Friday the 20th, I decided that I would be running the Pirates Cove 50k instead of the 20k. But honestly, I considered not racing at all as fatigue was strong this week. Plus, my legs still felt the prior weekend. I woke-up Saturday seriously wondering if I've lost my mind, three 50ks in four weeks?!! I guess the addiction has begun. Will and I got to the Headlands and it was beautiful, overcast, and damp. The whole drive I was yawning (not because I was tired, but because that is what nerves always do to me before a race). As we were putting on our numbers, I did my typical nervous talk. I met Brett Rivers, Kate Morjohn, and Rick Gaston at the start. As we took off, I realized that I was running, no talking myself out of it now. The first 30k was rough mentally, my left hip flexor was tight and my breathing felt haphazard. I actually stopped to pee before heading up Marincello (I'll save the peeing in my shorts for special occasions). I just cruised along with Will acting like everything was fine. Until he asked of course, my reply = "i'm ok." As we finished the 30k loop, I seriously considered stopping, but I didn't. Jason Reed was just in front of Will and soon I could see Will gaining on him as I drifted back. My negative head took over and everything started bothering me, a little chaffing under my left arm, my shoulders felt tight, etc. I thought I was going to break down in tears. In fact I came really fucking close. It didn't help that Jason and Will were getting further and further in front of me. As I stated up Marincello, I gained on Jason and Will. At the top, I caught up to Jason who said Will passed him 5 minutes ago. I had a serious talking to myself at that point. I pulled myself out of my negative head. Glancing at the ocean and green hills and focusing on my breath helped. Then, I remembered how much I loved running and I started to pick up the pace. With just a little bit of the race left, I caught up to Will who once again encouraged me to keep going. I finished first overall and set the course record at 4:09, Will came in at 4:10, and Jason 4:17. Once again Pacific Coast Trail Runs put on a wonderful event. Thanks Wendell and Sarah. By the way, I am super grateful for the veggie soup. It was perfect to enjoy post-race as the rain came down.

Luckily I got some good sleep last night. I woke-up this morning to teach and I received another call from a doula client. She is currently in early labor. When I finished work, I fit in my yoga practice, good food, and I'll see if I have enough time for a nap. Two births and two 50ks in a week or so!


Sarah (PCTR) said...

Congratulations once again, Caitlin! It's so wonderful to see you being so successful at something that you love to do - there's really little in life better than that!

Glad that you liked the veggie soup - we always have it, but it, the chicken soup, and the chili all taste best in a light rain after a good run. :-)

Thanks, as always, to you and Will for coming out - sorry that I wasn't myself in the morning, but I felt a lot better after a fun day in the fresh air.

See you soon!

willgotthardt said...
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Jo Lynn said...

Hey! You ran by me on your second time up Marincello. At that point you were not in first place. Great finish!

David Ray said...

Just think what your time would have been if you *had* peed your pants instead of stopping. Really impressive race with the tired legs. Congratulations.

I just want to know when I can get my Caitlin Smith Ultra Runner Action Figure. Make mine with the doula accessory kit. :)

Victoria said...

Ha! The doula accessory kit is funny.

Sorry I didn't introduce myself on Saturday morning-- we talked for about 10 seconds near the check-in table. I was super out-of-it before the race.

Congratulations on another great race-- now get yourself some rest! You deserve it!

Rick Gaston said...

Hello Caitlin. It was great meeting you this past weekend. Had no idea about your troubles during the race, you were all smiles by the time I made it to the finish. Must have taken a lot of strength to rally and run after the boys on the 20k loop. I hope you get more rest and good food this week. You've certainly earned it.

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

way to kick ass again!

Getting through those low points is key. You hung in there and stuck it out for another CR....NICE!!

Btw, has anyone else noticed how the CR's are dropping at every PCTR now?

Andy B. said...

Damn, Caitlin, I should have asked for your autograph before WTC, cause I'm sure you're gonna start chargin for em soon. ;-)

Great job running through the soreness and adjusting your attitude mid-race. And congrats on another fantastic run. You certainly deserve a little rest this week.

And Will, maybe she should buy dinner on the way back from races where she rolls you in the latter part of the race?!? Just a thought.

Brett said...

Great job! It was fun to run with you and Will (...for the first 5 minutes!) I hope you guys do great up at Peterson Ridge.